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AMSOIL PRODUCTS are specially formulated to use in all type of applications, as shown below. Plus a whole lot more. We also have Detailing Products!

If you knew you could drive 10,000 miles or 6 months with our XL Series, or even 15,000 to 25,000 miles or 12 months, with our Signature Series without changing your vehicle engine oil, by switching to 100% Synthetic AMSOIL, why wouldn't you? 
With your engine will cleaner and reduces more friction than conventional oils; which minimizes internal engine wear, and prolong your vehicle engine life.
AMSOIL will boost your vehicle fuel economy, and reduce (fewer oil changes) your annual overall engine oil consumption, making you an environmental friendly Consumers.
Consult your Mechanical Technician about moving your vehicle up to 100% Synthetic AMSOIL PRODUCTS, that will extend your oil change intervals, cleaner internal engine parts, minimize internal engine wear, boost your vehicle fuel economy, and prolong your engine life, etc... 
Please visit our online store for more information, and Business Opportunity. When placing an order, or taking advantage of our Preferred Customer Discount, and or our Business Opportunity, please use reference number  529865
You can place an order today, as a Customer at:

                       click here: AMSOIL Lubricants 

(click Shop Online, move your cursor on: Buy Wholesale, and click Preferred Customer Program). As a Preferred you can buy AMSOIL Products, at Dealer Cost. You can start saving with your first and may be able to recover your $10.00 fee with your first order! Please give it a try, your engine will love 100% Synthetic AMSOIL, as its internal lubricant. 
Those in the Central Florida area can place an order via our online and pickup your order at our:

7215 S. John Young Pkwy, Suite 249
You can also order by calling PAUL WILSON @ WILSON'S ENTERPRISE 407-473-2426, and we'll deliver your products within the Orlando area.
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